A pair of parks doubles enjoyment for Gurley residents and visiting travelers. South Park has a flower garden and grills making for great picnic spots. North Park offers plenty of restful shade and access to the Log Cabin and Prairie Schooner Museums. (308) 377-2413. Homemade deli sandwiches, snacks, drinks, utensils and other picnic fixings and supplies can be picked up at Dalton Market. 505 Broad St. (308) 377-2333.

Learn more by contacting the Cheyenne County Visitors Center at sidneycheyennecountytourism.com or (308) 254-4030.

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Discover Activities in Dalton

  • North Park

    North Park at the corner of Highway 385 and State Street in Dalton offers plenty of restful shade. There is also a South Park in this community....

  • Log Cabin and Prairie Schooner Museums

    The Log Cabin and Prairie Schooner Museums can be found in North Park in Dalton. The exhibits preserve the history of the town and includes models of railroad engines ...

  • South Park

    Does naming your community park South Park only make sense if you have a North Park, too? Well, Dalton has both. South Park’s flower garden and grills make ...

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